Scott On The Issues

Scott Ford Your Texas Rep

As YOUR state representative, it will be my duty to fight for issues that impact us. I don’t serve the establishment or special interest groups. Here is where I stand on these important issues.

One of the great things about also hosting my own radio show is I talk about all sorts of different topics. Ranging from how to combat terrorism to local property tax issues and so much in between.

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The Libertarian Professor


As a teacher for over 16 years with an M.Ed. in education from Texas A&M, this is a very near and dear topic for me. I am also the ONLY candidate for TX State Rep. 127 that can teach in our schools.


Tax & Spending

We have unsustainable spending and debt. People are shocked when they learn that Texas has as much of a spending problem as DC. Like you, I want to keep my money for my family. It is time for our local and state government to learn how to spend on a budget.


Border Security & Illegal Immigration

I have had the honor of teaching students from all around the globe in my 16 years as an educator. The American dream is a powerful call to all that want a better life. Having worked for Intelligence Agencies in the Federal Government I can also say,  for the safety of Texas we must keep out Violent non-state actors (VNSA, i.e. terrorists) and diseases.

While we secure our country we must also reward those that go through the proper channels and keep out those that seek to break the law. We can not just shut the borders without fixing our broken immigration process.

Second Amendment/Gun RightsSecond Amendment

  • I have my CHL
  • I will never vote for or support any bill that tries to take away our right to bear arms
  • I fully support the Texas School Marshal program and will ask schools to either get on board with the law or require at least two armed officers per school
  • I fully support a business to make their own decisions on allowing open carry, conceal carry or banning guns. However, any business the bans guns should be 100% finical liable for their 
patron’s protection.


Red Light Camera

  • Ban red light cameras in Texas
  • Remove the cameras we have now
Petition Drive To Help Ban Red Light Camera In Humble.

Research shows that red light camera increases accident and has basically become a cash cow for the government. If the cameras do not help public safety then they need to go.

Parent Rights

  • Reign in CPS and only remove children from environments when there is an immediate threat to that child’s life
  • End the war on dads within our court system

No teacher ever forgets their first call to CPS. My call was to protect a young girl that had cigaret burns all over her body. CPS NEVER got around to that case. CPS has such a massive backlog that children are slipping through the cracks. We must prioritize CPS to go after the big stuff and stop interfering in households where children are loved and cared for.


This is the definition of freedom and free markets. People should be allowed to engage in commerce with each other with limited government. Ridesharing is a prime example of where government should NOT be involved. Unfortunately, those that seek to over regulate this emerging industry usually do so because of huge “donations” from the taxi industry.