Scott On Education


As an educator for over 16 years and an M.Ed. in education from Texas A&M this is a very near and dear topic for me. I am also the ONLY candidate for TX State Rep. 127 that can teach in our schools.

School Choice

School Choice
School Choice Week
  • 100% pro-school choice
  • 100% pro-parents’ right to choose the best educational options for their children

Parents should have the right to choose the best education for their children. I 100% support and will vote for school choice.

My opponent and incumbent Dan Huberty is against school choice (source). While Huberty was school board president for Humble ISD we have 4 of the worst 50 schools in Texas (source).

Teachers’ Rights

  • Teachers and staff should be able to evaluate their school administrators
  • Teachers that have earned social security should NOT have to give it up because they teach our children
  • No more asking teachers to go to professional developments off the clock
  • Expel students that attack teachers

Students’ Rights

  • Students have the right to an optimal and safe learning environment
  • Students have the right to be prepared to compete in the local and global marketplace
  • Students have the right to learn critical thinking skills and NOT be taught to the test
    Scott CATE Center
    Scott With His Humble ISD Students

School Funding

  • Before any additional budget increases for school districts, school administrators must take classrooms first approach to budgeting.
  • No money for professional style stadiums or administration buildings while teachers have to pay out of pocket to buy classroom supplies.
  • No more CEO salaries for the superintendent and school directors.