Scott On Tax and Spending

Tax & Spending

Property Taxhome

  • People should not have to pay property taxes on a home without end.
  • End collection on property taxes on a home after a set number of years.

In Texas, you never actually own your home. So long as the state can tax you on your home without end, you never really own it. Additionally, with property taxes going up each year we are pricing fixed income seniors out of their homes and making it harder for new homebuyers to achieve a piece of the American dream.

State and Local Spending

  • Texas must be the example that all other states and the US look to when it comes to spending.
  • We must cut budgets and increase efficiency

It is a tired campaign slogan to cut spending. However unlike many that are in office, I have worked in the federal government. I saw first hand how inefficient and ineffective our agencies are from the inside. I have watched people get promoted that have failed to managed multimillion dollar projects. The money we spend in local, state and the federal government is criminal.

Beware The Fakes

There are fake conservative groups that praise the Omnibus spending bill. In 6 months since our federal government has been given this blank check by Republicans, our national debt has increased $1 trillion dollars (source).

Many of the so-called Conservative groups that endorsed Kevin Brady (R), that voted for the spending bill, also endorse my opponent Dan Huberty (R).

Organization That Endorsed Kevin Brady and Dan Huberty

  • United Republicans
  • Dr. Steve Hotze and Conservative Republicans of Texas
  • Houston Realty Business Coalition
  • Kingwood TEA Party (party leadership unofficially endorsed Dan)
  • Houston Chronicle (also endorsed Jeb Bush)
  • C Club of Houston
  • Gary Polland’s Texas Conservative Review